As early dawn breaks over Gotham, shots rang out in the borough of Brooklyn. The first-floor door swings open as people flee like rats on a sinking ship, chaos reigns as innocent people are trampled. When all is finally cleared, a total of seven people are shot, four of them to death. While NYC is no stranger to crime it has some unique challenges. The liberal agenda of a socialist mayor recently returned from a failed Presidential run has plunged the city into darkness. The success of the previous administrations have been erased and replaced with images reminiscent of the Dinkins administration. The soft on crime mentality, the perpetrator’s rights above all else, it’s choking the life out of the city. January 01, 2020 may prove to be Gotham’s death blow as New York State Bail Reform Law comes to life. The law that requires all those arrested, for pretty much any crime, be released without bail upon arraignment. While several other states have rolled out similar laws, NYS added a twist to their version in that they have removed the ability of judges to consider factors into each individual case such as a threat to public safety or likeliness of repeat offender. Former prosecutor Lucy Lang says that isn’t the case with New York’s reforms. “The only factor that a judge can consider is someone’s likelihood of returning to court. And of course, that’s only permissible in particular categories of crime”. The deterrence of high bail or possibility of no bail has now been removed from the equation, with each perpetrator now standing on an equal footing. Shoplifting to sexual assault are all equal in the eyes of the court do to the passing of this so-called “Bail Reform Act”. Perhaps the law should have looked to harden regulations, forcing increased mandatory bails in certain cases. Perhaps, once again, our leaders in Albany have quickly reacted in a fashion free of debate and thought, to respond with knee jerk reaction to a vocal minority. How many more times do we need to see the senseless loss of life due to those out on probation, parole and bail, and at what rate will this ill-thought plan increase these incidents? What protections do we the public have built into this new system that holds the lawyers, judges, and lawmakers accountable for allowing this to take place? Perhaps what NYC and NYS need is politician reform and let the rest sort itself out. Perhaps it’s time to take the career out of politics. Follow us on Twitter @advocacyforLEO Contact us at Advocacy for LEOs



News breaks, day before the NYPD buries Det Mulkeen, that another officer’s widow calls out the inadequate training from the world’s largest police force. NYC’s clueless Mayor responds with a boilerplate response, “she’s allowed to be hurt but she’s wrong.” The words echoed through my head all night like I was being haunted. Back in February of this year, Detective Brian Simonsen was gunned down, by friendly fire, during a robbery call. Earlier this week, after Det Mulkeen was killed by friendly fire in the same type of scenario, Leanne Simonsen spoke up.

What I’m about to say, may make me a bit unpopular but is true. They say the truth hurts and to some this is going to hurt real bad, but it doesn’t change the facts. The training culture of the NYPD sucks, and we all know it. You only get what you put in, and there are far too many who just don’t want to put anything into their training, their own survival. In the search of a cotton candy and unicorn approach to policing, the NYPD is creating a powder keg out on the streets that is potentially causing officers and civilians their lives.

I entered into the NYPD at a time when we had IN-TAC training. It was a program instituted to provide in-service tactical training to officers. Officers sent with their partners to learn tactics, learn how each other work and most importantly, learn how to work together in dangerous situations. This training went to all officers, beat cops to bike cops and sector cars to plainclothes units. The program worked, gave important tips, tricks, and insight that saved lives. Like most good programs, it slowly went away and was replaced with the nonsense that was pointless.

The department has a long history of shabby training. Look no further than the trial of PO Peter Liang. Liang was on trial for the shooting death of an unarmed male, when he had an accidental discharge. While there were errors in this case that one could only place solely on the officer, the defense attorney, retired from the job, proved that in the totality of the errors made, a huge weight fell on the NYPD. When asked why the officer never offered aid to the victim he responded that he was never trained. As is common in the department, CPR and first aid books distributed to recruits, who were being told “you’re trained, now read the book.”

The range has always been another area of error. My entire career I watched thousands of officers simply call favor or barter their way out of the range, sidestepping the bi-annual qualifications. I have seen officers fail miserably at the range, score in the 20’s, then allowed to advance to who they drive with, or what office they work in. Even worse, I’ve stood at the outdoor range in terrible rains, being told to stand under the awning (25-yard line) and empty all magazines down range. As you can imagine, the range instructors had no intention of walking into a monsoon, so everyone passed. I’ve stood in line waiting for sign-in while a select few just fired and left. In at 8 out at 9 while no one else hits their range till 10.

In the Academy, we had a short, heavy set girl that failed the run. As a matter of fact, she dropped out of every run. 2 or 3 times around the track and she would drop into the middle and cry. This recruit was a holdover from the class prior and was held back for not being able to complete the run, a mandatory task for all to accomplish. Come graduation day as we filed into Madison Square Garden she was there, passed to be equal and fill a quota.
While not all the instructors from the department’s multitude of disciplines gave such half-hearted attention to their instruction, the department itself, knowingly or not, created the environment. The reality is that the department should be audited for its certification. It should face the gauntlet and change as necessary to ensure that the absolute best is offered to its recruit and in-service training and that it’s offered properly and completely. It’s the minimum owed to the members of the service, those they serve, and those on both sides who have lost their lives, in part, do to the ineffective training.

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Let me be the first to say that I am without a doubt crazy. There is no jury to let out, I speak only the truth, I’m crazy.

I’m crazy for choosing a career that will never make me rich. A job that will have me living paycheck to paycheck. A livelihood that will barely be enough to live on and most certainly require endless side work or a second job. Employment in a field that will never allow my spouse to stay home. I’m a cop.

I’m crazy for choosing a career that offers no certainty. A job that never really allows me to be off. A livelihood that refuses me holidays with friends and family. Employment in a field that can never guarantee me time off for family vacations. I’m a cop.

I’m crazy for choosing a career that requires me to potentially take someone’s life or lay down my own. A job that is constantly criticized by people who have no idea what my job entails. A livelihood that refuses me the luxury of second guesses and ample timing. Employment in a field that holds me accountable for all I do, all I don’t do, all my co-workers do and all the public thinks I should have done. I’m a cop.

I’m crazy for choosing a career that makes me fill so many rolls. A job that forces me to make instant decisions that lawyers and judges couldn’t make in a week and be held accountable with my life. A livelihood that allows the system I uphold to turn on me when mistakes are made. Employment in a field that will eat me up and swallow me whole before it bothers to even investigate an allegation against me. I’m a cop.

I’m crazy for choosing a career that demands so much from me. A job that expects me to put my neck out constantly. A livelihood that will chop my head off if given the opportunity no matter what the law says. Employment in a field that will leave me out to dry. I’m a cop.

I’m crazy for choosing a career that challenges me. A job that I absolutely love and wouldn’t change for the world. A livelihood that will allow me to protect my hometown and serve with pride. Employment in a field of honor, service and brotherhood. I’m proud to be a cop.

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The war continues to rage against us, the common collective of humanity marches ever closer to the abyss. Every day this clandestine effort, by the ultra-liberal left, claims yet another Guardian. Policies instituted to achieve the long term agenda of the lunatic left, leave our society with huge tears to the very fabric on which America was founded. The phrase “War On Police” has been the greatest injustice to us all, it made us feel like only we were the target and left everyone else thinking this fights not about them, creating an us vs them mentality that we now find law enforcement in. Perhaps instead we should call it “War On America” and consider ours (war on cops) more a battle or campaign.

What has happened to us? As a Nation, when did we turn? Have the lessons of past history shown us nothing? Will we ever regain our great nation?

We have learned throughout history that a nation spreading itself thin is a nation that can’t defend itself. We have seen mighty nations collapse based on open borders and open hearts. We have seen nations trying to dominate all it sees and fall because it left it’s home weak. We have also seen these principles outlined in “Rules for Radicals” written by Saul David Alinsky. The book outlines in detail a formula for America’s demise. A game plan being executed by the lunatic fringes of our Government. No longer is it Left vs Right but rather Good vs Evil, as both parties now appear to be North and South of each other on the same pole.

The basic principles, of which our founding fathers based our nation’s foundation, are being eroded by government over reach, forced policy, and executive order. Our rights granted by the Constitution are slowly squeezed out of the frame of everyday life. Over sensationalized stories are regurgitated hourly to distract important issues, or to add more emphasis on weak talking points, while spinning a narrative that is favorable for the agenda. Politicians using their office as a life long occupation, while resisting change,  constitutes a demand to work towards regulation limiting terms. Yet they ignore that idea, so they can maintain their position like squatters in an abandoned building. A push from them to work less, travel more and not be accountable for their votes that ultimately go against the vast majority of the American people, is also ignored.

Our system has failed because we failed our system. It was our sole responsibility to ensure that we place the right people into office, that we keep special interests out of politics and we hold our leaders accountable for what they do or don’t do. When we have politicians, living in mansions walled off from constituents, demanding our nation not build those same walls, we fail. When we have elected members of government living outside of the voting district they represent, we failed. Allowing members to pass bills before looking to see what’s in them, we failed. Letting government officials continually get voted into office is a failure. When we watch a Democratic presidential Debate without a single flag present, we have traveled too far down the wrong road.

We now live in a society that looks to punish our protectors and protect our deviants. A culture that berates officers and authority for reacting to violence and attacks while demanding they have the right to resist and fight authority. A government that feels it’s okay to turn it’s back on it’s citizens and embraces those who tread on our soil illegally. A system that authorizes free tuition for illegal aliens and fails to authorize for Gold Star families. We have seen our Nation tear down it’s monuments to coddle the emotionally weak in lieu of maintaining a testament to our past, as both a reminder to our evils and a trophy to our pride.

The current war on police is a war against the common man. Weaken those who are sworn to protect you is making them ineffective. Drafting bail reform regulations makes it easier for the criminal element to remain active and voting under the guise of social justice. The emasculation of modern society and the war on our language makes for a scene out of “Demolition Man” rather than America. Several cities have taken steps to follow in NYC’s footsteps and dismiss countless warrants and have passed administrative regulations to mandate services to not aid federal agents such as DHS and ICE. Schools are working overtime to indoctrinate our youth, rigging the system through common core to dumb down the brilliant and give false hope to the less fortunate. Judges release serial offenders to  have them strike again with no worry for their future on the bench. God has left our classrooms, our courthouses, and our society. We have crafted a warped culture that rewards the broken home, accepts those without morals and elevates the ethically corrupt.

In our attempt to bring our nation back to it’s former glory, let’s hold true to her founding. Offices held by the people for the people, those there long enough to feel they are above us are those ready to be removed. Speak the truth, Be not be afraid or intimidated to speak against the agenda. Stand strong in your faith and conviction, even though it may mean standing alone. Live by example, let your words mean something and your promises be law. Be patient, this happened over several generations, it will not turn back overnight.

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I woke up today, as simple as it sounds, my brother didn’t. I woke to the sound of my favorite playlist and my feet hit the floor, got to let the dogs out the door. Bacon and eggs being prepared fresh in the kitchen, the smell of fresh coffee fills the house as the kids slowly make it down the stairs. Breakfast served and I hit the shower out the door less than an hour. Dressed and ready I say my goodbyes, out the door no tears, no surprise. Tell my little ones how I love them so much and kiss my wife telling her I’ll be home for dinner.

I woke up today, I pulled up to the station and walked inside. In the locker room, I heard the sounds of my brothers and sisters, bickering, laughing and doing what family does. It one of the biggest things that make this what I love. I don my vest, my shield, and my gun, the weight of it all hangs heavy on my hips while the honors to serve lightens my soul. With honor and pride, I stand at roll call, assignment is given and I’m back out the door.
I woke up today, with this in mind I start out to patrol. My car is clean and filled up with gas, my gear stowed away and ready to serve. I hit the road and patrol my area protecting my flock, they will not be harmed while I’m on the clock. From Main street to the parkway left at the junction back to Main, no matter the call, my service is the same. I treat all equal, fair and just, I comfort, I listen to honorable service a must. I do the best I can with the little I’m given and go above and beyond because its more than just a living. My job is calling, it’s own way of life, I’m ready and willing to make the sacrifice. I patrol your streets and secure your town, but will you be there if I was to go down?
I woke up today, so I’m sitting on the highway. Traffic enforcement a small part of my job, some people don’t like it but it is what we do.  I’m tucked away in the brush and someone just drove by me in a rush. I pull out real careful to not cause a crash, pound the gas and I’m off in a flash. The vehicle gets closer and starts to slow down, we pull to the shoulder and stop just out of town. The plate comes up clean and the driver seems calm, I watch in the mirror, everything seems the norm. I approach the driver’s side with a smile and nod and ask for the license and registration for the car. The driver starts digging while saying “yes sir” so I glance back at traffic and this is what I heard.
“He woke up this morning and came to his job. He served with great honor a testament to us all, it’s always tough to have a brother fall. Our prayer to his mother, his wife, and his kids.” While the last call for car 7 plays over the air, I try and answer but nobody’s there. I scream and I shout “I’m here, I’m still here” but cannot be heard as my soul drifts away from this world. To my brothers and sisters always stay true, while my time in uniform is done, I’ll always watch you.#police #WarOnCops #Shooting #BackTheBlue #BloodAndBlue #BlueLivesMatter #GotYourSix

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Over the last three weeks, I watched my son’s football team prepare for homecoming. Seventh and eighth graders up to seniors giving 150% and struggling to give more. Twisted knees and bent fingers across the fields without so much as a whimper for fear of being benched. 12 years old, 5’1″ and 110 lbs with the heart of a lion. 18 years old and willing to give up everything to stay a senior and continue to play. These are the real athletes, uncorrupted and nonopinionated. They do it for the love of what they do, the thrill of the game and the pride. How many forget their local high school team and spend their Sundays on the couch watching the NFL.

I have seen a lot of the same heart and passion during my time in uniform. Like the kids on the field, we give them our all no matter what they give us. We do it for the love of what we do, the thrill of the hunt and the pride that comes with the job. How many walk by an officer, day after day, and don’t even notice them.
It was August of 2016, SF 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began sitting, and then kneeling, during the playing of the national anthem. He claimed it was to bring awareness to US police brutality, racism, and racial inequality. Since his initial actions, national anthem protests have proliferated across the NFL and spread to several other professional sports as well. It was this fool’s inability to understand that people don’t tune in to hear his politics or to see him pout, they literally want to just see him play.

Since then, I have yet to watch a game. Even during the Super Bowl, you can often find me doing a slew of other things but watching ain’t one. I certainly don’t blame anyone for watching the NFL, it’s an amazing game. I just don’t like to see millionaire men whine about minor injuries and holding an audience captive during their political statements. A bunch of self-important nothings offering zero to our nation’s conversation. An NFL that bans helmet stickers honoring cops in Texas but allows the disrespect of the nation’s flag.

See your kneeling to protest American racism is disrespectful to all those who served for this nation. The 9,000 black Patriot soldiers that served in the Army, Navy, and several state militia units during the American Revolution. The Louisiana Battalion of Free Men of Color who served during the war of 1812 and the Mexican – American War. African Americans in the US Civil War is marked by 186,097 soldiers (7,122 officers, 178,975 enlisted) comprising 163 units, who served in the Union Army.

The Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Calvary Regiment and the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiment served with honor and distinction from 1863 to the early 20th century. During WWI 350,000 African Americans served with the American Expeditionary Force on the Western Front. There were 125,000 African Americans who were overseas in World War II. Some of the most notable units were the Tuskegee Airman, 761st Tank Battalion and the distinguished 45wnd Anti-Aircraft Artillery.

See, the National Anthem is for all those who served, all those who gave their life for you petulant fools to have the right to protest. As a patriot, as someone who served here at home, I honor your right to protest but know that I will not contribute to you for doing so. As long as you act like children I will stay clear of the NFL and as long as high school and college football athletes act as professionals I will support them.


Our nation’s Capitol Hill was witness to the side show that is Al Sharpton. Yes, in fact the man shaped like a PEZ dispenser went to Washington to seek accountability of justice in Federal investigations involving cops. Now to be clear, he was focusing on just that topic because he was given a pass (pardon) by Obama on over 3 million owed in back taxes, fines and penalties and doesn’t want accountability there. What this man child fails to understand is that you can’t hold people accountable when there was no crime. You can’t have federal investigations because you feel bad. Nobody cares about your feelings, cause or justice. The party accountable for your call to arms paid for it, he was your victim but to us a common low level criminal.

Once again, the Harlem Hustler latched onto a woman in despair, Eric Garner’s mother and rode her crying ass all the way to DC. Always the showman he put on a glorious display of injustice to his brother in stating “nobody has been held accountable.” Let that sink in for just a minute, words have meaning and his are telling.

Well, Mr. Sharpton, I’m here to counter you on this. Someone was held responsible. Mr Garner played a stupid game by not taking care of himself, failing to exercise and diet properly. Due to these things, he died of a massive heart attack hours after he decided to fight with the police. While I feel for anyone who looses a loved one, I’m honestly not as sympathetic to those who feel a loss do to one’s own bad choices. Mr. Sharpton, please understand that Mr. Garner had numerous moments in which he could have saved himself. While you struggle to make him a poster child for something, perhaps its best for all, especially those you fraudulently represent, that you make him the poster child for living a better lifestyle.